Public Affairs

AGON PARTNERS develops, supports and implements communications strategies to accompany ongoing litigation, as well as competition policy campaigns.

Crisis communication

Communication consultancy in crisis situations

(i) Diagnosis: Analyze impending or ongoing litigation in the context of the communications strategy of the company or corporate association concerned and identify potential communications deficiencies.

(ii) Remedy: Enhance company credibility with timely, impactful communications. Design and implement internal communication vis-à-vis the board of directors, executive management and employees, in tandem with external communication towards the competition commission (WEKO), courts, media and policymakers.

Litigation PR

Bespoke public relations initiatives to accompany ongoing litigation

(i) Diagnosis: Analyze the need for and scope of PR measures in support of ongoing litigation, before, during and after proceedings.

(ii) Remedy: Support ongoing litigation by designing and implementing bespoke PR initiatives to target public and judicial authorities (competition commission, courts), the media, policymakers and general public.

Media management

Utilize selected media to deliver the company objectives

(i) Diagnosis: Analyze the merit and impact of media activities before, during and after litigation, as well as outside of proceedings.

(ii) Remedy: Provide communications consulting services, for example when announcing mergers, or publishing expert opinions by associations or industry organizations.

Competition policy and legislation

Active participation in shaping the legal framework

(i) Diagnosis: Analyze the impact of existing or planned regulatory measures in the context of individual competitors or the overall competitive environment.

(ii) Remedy: Develop and implement competition policy campaigns to counter legislation that distorts competition.

Competition law strategy

Deliver on competition law objectives

(i) Diagnosis: Identify and rewrite existing or planned legislation that would distort competition.

(ii) Remedy: Develop and implement sophisticated strategies utilizing diverse services and resources to meet the company’s longer-term objectives with regard to competition policy.