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Over and above our core competency in antitrust law, AGON PARTNERS is a trusted partner in economic and scientific circles in the field of “near-competition”.

Antitrust Language Desk

Multilingual competency in antitrust law

(i) Background: AGON PARTNERS advises and represents clients from all over the world. This makes it imperative to remove all potential language barriers. Competition law documents have to be made available in different languages and must be of the highest quality.

(ii) Commitment: The Antitrust Language Desk at AGON PARTNERS delivers multilingual client services. Competition law documents such as corporate statements, opinions, leniency applications or merger filings are drawn up in German, English, French and Spanish according to the highest standards of quality.

(iii) Contact: Fabio Babey

Antitrust translation service

Translations of the highest quality

(i) Background: When it comes to mergers or investigative proceedings initiated by the competition commission or the courts, linguistic excellence is a major challenge for all companies. If documents, information and data are not translated with absolute precision, misunderstandings and disadvantages for the parties may follow.

(ii) Commitment: Thanks to the professional support from the Antitrust Language Desk, AGON PARTNERS is a specialist for the translation of multilingual legal documents. Contracts, corporate statements, opinions, leniency applications or merger filings are prepared with skill and accuracy, staying faithful to the text while conveying the spirit of the original, in German, English, French and Spanish.

(iii) Contact: Fabio Babey

Resume check

Allow us perfect your resume!

(i) Background: The first impression matters. This is especially true for job application documents, particularly resumes. In addition to content, getting the presentation right is essential. Everything has to look professional, from start to finish. Yet many job applicants are not fully up to date in this area and submit documents that do not make the impact they could and should make.

(ii) Commitment: At AGON PARTNERS, we have the know-how and experience to make sure you present perfect job application documents. Don’t leave anything to chance! Allow us to fine tune your application documents and focus on format and content for maximum effect. This service is available at an attractive fixed price.

(iii) Contact person: Karin Signer


You search - we find!

(i) Background: Large corporations and SMEs often search in vain for corporate attorneys to help them identify and manage ever-present antitrust risks and to avoid becoming embroiled in antitrust lawsuits which could pose a threat to their existence.

(ii) Commitment: AGON PARTNERS has an outstanding network of contacts, combining a pool of young talent with seasoned competition and antitrust law professionals. AGON PARTNERS is ready to support your business with the long-term placement of qualified professionals, for any vacant positions you have. Candidates are thoroughly vetted, both for their expertise and to ensure they are a good fit for your organization.

(iii) Contact person: Karin Signer

Job Search

Let us find the right job for you!

(i) Background: Antitrust experts, compliance specialists and paralegals don’t always find it easy to land the job that’s right for them. Job descriptions don’t always make it clear what the position involves, or the specific expertise and capabilities that are required.

(ii) Commitment: AGON PARTNERS has an extensive network of contacts across corporations, public authorities and academic institutions specializing in antitrust law and compliance. AGON PARTNERS is here to support you in your search for a new professional challenge that is the right fit for you. Feel free to contact us to set up a meeting where we can assess your skills and discuss your expectations and goals in detail. We can then leverage our existing network to find the position that will best meet your needs in the long-term.

(iii) Contact person: Karin Signer

Funding Lawsuits

Advisory services for funding antitrust lawsuits

(i) Background: Civil antitrust law complaints often fail simply because organizations are unable to cover the costs of ongoing litigation and legal representation.

(ii) Commitment: AGON PARTNERS counsels and supports your company with a view to third-party financing of antitrust proceedings.

(iii) Contact: Patrick L. Krauskopf

Talent awards

Promotion of academic work

(i) Background: Students of Swiss universities regularly deliver the highest academic performances. Regrettably, the bachelor and master theses often simply end up in a drawer somewhere.

(ii) Commitment: AGON PARTNERS supports the yearly award, presented by the Swiss Association for Compliance and Competition Law (ACCL), for the best bachelor and the best master thesis from a Swiss university.

(iii) Contact: Sarah Umbricht


You’re searching for it, we’ll find it

(i) Background: Large companies and SMEs often search in vain for lawyers to support them in managing antitrust risks that could pose a threat to their existence.

(ii) Commitment: Thanks to the involvement of its experts in academia and teaching, as well as its participation and involvement in different conventions, AGON PARTNERS has excellent contacts both among the young talent pool and among experienced professionals in the fields of competition and antitrust law.  AGON PARTNERS will gladly support you in filling a corresponding new vacancy in your company.

(iii) Contact: Patrick L. Krauskopf


The all-round carefree package for garage owners

(i) Background: Swiss companies in the car industry, especially garage owners and system service providers, are often in a dependent relationship with manufacturers and importers. However, due to a lack of resources, they are often unable to effectively defend themselves against abusive practices by manufacturers and importers.

(ii) Commitment: AGON PARTNERS offers high quality services for garages at a minimum price. The basic package includes, among other things, a newsletter which highlights current developments and court judgments, gives you information about contracts with dealers and workshops, includes taking a look at any documentation you may have - as well as giving you recommendations about negotiation and the best way forward. The premium package also includes legal correspondence and attractive offers to help you with compliance checks and legal representation.

(iii) Contact: Patrick L. Krauskopf





Negotiation techniques

The law accounts for 20% of your success, the rest depends on negotiation skills

(i) Background: A large variety of occasions call for negotiation. Simple rules will help you to prepare successfully for negotiation situations, and to act and react appropriately in negotiations - for the benefit of everyone involved.

(ii) Commitment: AGON PARTNERS will support you in your negotiations not only before the courts or authorities but also in contract negotiations with business partners. AGON PARTNERS offers unparalleled international know-how to best prepare you for your crucial appearance before the competition commission or the court.

(iii) Contact: Patrick Krauskopf