AGON PARTNERS offers advice and support to businesses in respect of economic questions. AGON PARTNERS puts together empirical economic expert assessments for either internal purposes or for use in proceedings with competition authorities. AGON PARTNERS issues statements in respect of official competition policy hearings and amendments in legislation.

Competition analysis

Competition situation and market entry hurdles

(i) Diagnostic: Businesses which dominate the market are greatly limited in an economic way because of their market power. Allegations of market abuse have to be recognized and avoided at the appropriate moment.

(ii) Remedy: The development of argumentational strategies which are empirically supported and economically justifiable when market power is acquired and abused.

(iii) Current mandates (selected mandates): Tobacco industry, publishing companies.

Reasons for justification

Evaluation of economic efficiency

(i) Diagnostic: Businesses which dominate the market have to be able to justify their business decisions in an operational or economic way (E.G., when discriminating against competitors.

(ii) Remedy: Evaluation of internal business procedures and economic effects, and reviewing the effects upon the economy.

(iii) Current Mandates (selected mandates): Book retailers, media and advertising agencies, tobacco industry.


Economic evaluation of the consequences of regulatory changes

(i) Diagnostic: New laws and amendments to existing laws change the rules of the game within the marketplace. Following on from that, stakeholders need to anticipate such changes and react accordingly by employing “Good Governance”.

(ii) Remedy: Putting together expert assessments which examine the structural changes within the marketplace, based upon the changes within law and regulation.

(iii) Current mandates (selected mandates): Automotive industry, beverages industry, media and advertising agencies.

Relevant market

Determination of the relevant market

(i) Diagnostic: A correct market definition is what provides the basis for all economic and legal market evaluations. A definition which is either too narrow or just plain wrong could endanger a planned merger, for example, or suggest presumed market dominance.

(ii) Remedy: Preparation and implementation of the necessary documentation in order to make a market definition which is both correct and economically sound, in respect of both product and geographical dimensions.

(iii) Current mandates (selected mandates): Automotive industry, Social Media, watch industry.


Further strategic development of a business

(i) Diagnostic: To recognize development possibilities, to minimize risks and to avoid disadvantageous regulation.

(ii) Remedy: To work out a business model (price and distribution strategies) which conforms to competition law, to determine the optimal position within the dynamic market environment and the future-oriented, long-term direction that the strategic development should take.

(iii) Current mandates (selected mandates): Beverage industry, book retailers.