AGON PARTNERS carries out audits, implements compliance programs which meet regulatory standards set by the authorities, creates practical compliance policies and trains employees with practical know-how. This serves to discover or prevent competition violations which carry high fines before they become a problem.

Best Practices

Training & coaching in customised best practices

(i) Diagnostic: Analyse current processes and strategies and conduct risk assessment in the context of competition law.

(ii) Remedy: Design customised, effective compliance solutions enabling smooth day-to-day business operations. Deliver highest quality of targeted, robust coaching sessions to sharpen risk awareness and develop competencies among staff members in higher risk roles.

(iii) Current mandates (selected mandates): DIY and hardware retailers, electronics manufacturers.


Assessment and certification of compliance measures

(i) Diagnostic: Compare existing compliance initiatives with the benchmark of “state of the art” compliance measures.

(ii) Remedy: Update, optimise and certify compliance measures to meet regulatory requirements. Review the integrity (transparency) of existing processes and documentation.

(iii) Currents mandates (selected mandates): Automotive parts supplier industry, healthcare retailers, paint and varnish industry.

Compliance - Programmes & Line of defence

Design and implementation of compliance programmes

(i) Diagnostic: Identify procedural gaps and risk exposure in the field of antitrust compliance.

(ii) Remedy: Design and implement effective, process-driven, proactive compliance programmes in collaboration with clients.

(iii) Current mandates (selected mandates): Automotive industry, brokerages and investment companies, tobacco industry.

Compliance Officer

“AGON compliance management”: Outsourcing & risk management

(i) Diagnostic: Evaluate the company’s market activities and the degree of compliance with regulatory requirements, under the protection of client legal privilege.

(ii) Remedy: Utilise AGON PARTNERS outsourcing services to secure antitrust compliance, improved efficiencies in the management of internal resources and enhanced credibility in the area of compliance.

(iii) Current mandates (selected mandates): Media companies, watch industry.