AGON PARTNERS publishes, researches and teaches in the field of antitrust law as well as competition policy. In doing so, AGON PARTNERS promotes the application and development of antitrust law and is actively involved in shaping the future of Switzerland’s competition policy.

Training and continuing education

Imparting antitrust core competencies

(i) Competence: We actively contribute to the academic discussion on the application and development of Swiss antitrust legislation. In this way, we create legal certainty – which is also in our clients’ interest.

Our activities include not only publishing academic articles in trade magazines and journals, but also participating in seminars and conventions as well as teaching activities.

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We invite you to join the following events and the following educational institutions throughout the year:

Atelier de la Concurrence (Switzerland)
CAS - International Competition Law and Compliance (Switzerland)
CLU - Competition Law Update (Switzerland)
CUTS (Global)
Debating Competition (Switzerland)
ICN (Global)
Management Circle (Germany)
NYSBA - New York State Bar Association (USA)
UNCTAD (Global)
WTO (Global)

Educational Institutions:
Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne (France)
GUC – German University Cairo (Egypt)
Haute Ecole Arc (Switzerland)
Perdana University (Malaysia)
UC Berkeley (USA)
University Fribourg (Switzerland)
UZH - University Zurich (Switzerland)
ZHAW – University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

CAS International Competition Law and Compliance

The leading continuing education provider in the field of antitrust law

(i) Competence: offering a graduate program in the field of competition and antitrust law is the safest way to prepare future economic leaders for the economic responsibilities they will hold. AGON PARTNERS promotes corresponding continuing education programs in Switzerland and abroad.

(ii) Realization: AGON PARTNERS therefore supports the continuing education course CAS (International Competition Law and Compliance) offered by the Centre for Competition and Commercial Law (ZHAW University of Applied Sciences). The course is primarily tailored toward management of large and small companies across all industries, who want to gain solid, technical, procedural and practical knowledge in the field of antitrust law compliance.

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Expert opinions

Legal and economic synthesis of academia and practice

(i) Competence: A law firm without a connection to academic findings cannot be successful. This is why AGON PARTNERS cultivates contacts to universities and supports legal empirical expert opinions in the field of antitrust law and competition economics. The synergies from academia and practice result in internationally recognized expert opinions.

(ii) Realization: AGON PARTNERS regularly carries out expert opinions in collaboration with universities in Switzerland and abroad, most recently in the automotive and consumer goods industry – as well as the media and advertising arena.

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Swiss Association for Compliance and Competition Law (ACCL)

Knowledge management and competition law

(i) Competency: Continuously imparting new findings and decisions in the field of national and international competition law is not a self-serving act for AGON PARTNERS, but, rather, represents the best way for companies to prevent costly damages proceedings and claims. Therefore, AGON PARTNERS supports non-profit organizations devoted to education and training.

(ii) Realization: AGON PARTNERS supports the Swiss Association for Compliance and Competition Law (ACCL). The ACCL organizes regular meetings in the field of national and international competition law and intends to further educate and support its members in the field of competition law.

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