Welcome to AGON PARTNERS. We are a law firm specializing in antitrust and competition law.

About us

AGON Partners is a law firm specializing in antitrust and competition law.

Antitrust proceedings are not simply legal disputes, but also pose profound challenges for businesses that go beyond the scope of purely legal issues. Antitrust litigation not only generates legal challenges, but can also make specific measures in the area of corporate communication absolutely essential, and – in the case of an impending threat of antitrust litigation – in the area of economic policy. AGON Partners offers a wide array of essential in-house services to anticipate, assess, and overcome these various challenges. In addition to their expertise, our experienced specialists can also draw on an international network of senior managers in regulatory agencies, as well as long-term experience in developing and executing effective procedural strategies. We continuously monitor and analyze existing legislative and legal developments. We are actively involved in shaping the academic discourse on the application and development of Swiss antitrust law via our white papers and presentations. On an ongoing basis, we provide our clients with the latest insights and also maintain a presence in the academic world, sharing our knowledge with the coming generation of antitrust attorneys.


Our history

The founding of AGON PARTNERS had its origins in a shared idea, developed by the founding partners and refined over many years of successful collaboration:

The antitrust law firm with a full-service approach!


Our philosophy

We develop customized, high-quality solutions that work for you. In doing so, we are available on a 24/7 basis, while carefully managing costs at all times.

In addition to providing professional legal advice and representing your interests in civil and administrative antitrust proceedings, we also work closely with our clients to develop supporting communications and media strategies, as well as political campaigns. Thanks to our tried and tested network and our communications expertise during ongoing litigation, we execute a comprehensive process to maintain our clients’ reputation and credibility.

We also work in lockstep with your in-house compliance specialists to develop, implement and verify effective compliance programs to avert competition law violations.

Overview of our competencies (PDF)

Diversity Statement

Diversity Statement

AGON PARTNERS LEGAL AG («AGON») promotes inclusion in our everyday work. Mutual respect, sincerity and the common understanding of trusting collaboration are key factors, also with the aim of achieving the highest level of productivity, creativity and efficiency.

Diversity of AGON’s employees is a particular strength. Our law firm brings together people from a variety of cultures and cultural backgrounds - with the most diverse skills, experiences and perspectives. Our understanding of diversity thus extends beyond gender, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability or other characteristics protected by law.

We are convinced that everyone at AGON can contribute to our joint success. Precisely because we are all so different: Together we are successful.


Our professional staff

Due to our expertise in antitrust law and communications support during ongoing litigation, AGON PARTNERS has been able to assemble a team of highly specialized professionals under one roof. We also focus on nurturing the development and ambitions of our emerging young talents by giving them regular opportunities to gain firsthand insights into antitrust and competition law.



AGON introduces whistleblower tool

AGON PARTNERS is starting off with the introduction of an internal whistleblower tool in a legally secure and upgraded manner. With this, AGON is setting an example to clients, partners and employees of progress and trust in corporate governance.

"We see ourselves as service providers and advisors for our clients when it comes to avoiding compliance violations. The establishment of an internal early warning system helps to save high costs and contain reputational damage - we don't just want to preach this to the outside world, but also to set an example internally," explains Patrick L. Krauskopf.


AGON PARTNERS possesses a unique network both domestically and abroad.


Global law firms

Boutique antitrust law firms in Europe

New York State Bar Association (USA)

Public Affairs

Opinion leaders and key individuals from economics, politics, and academia


Corporate Social Responsibility

Social commitment is important to us and belongs to our tradition. AGON PARTNERS supports all kinds of projects and institutions every year in the areas of education and culture. The following belong to our long-term commitments:

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At AGON PARTNERS, we are proud of the many successful projects we have completed and our satisfied customers from a range of different industries:


Automotive Industry
Paint and varnish
Capital goods
Consumer goods
Jewelry and watches


Investment companies
Credit card companies


Media and advertising agencies
Publishing companies
Marketing agencies and consultants