At AGON PARTNERS, we offer advice and support to businesses in economic matters. AGON PARTNERS prepares empirical economic reports, both for internal company use, or to support litigation before the competition regulators. AGON PARTNERS issues opinions on official competition policy hearings and amendments to legislation.

Competitive analysis

Competitive environment and barriers to market entry

(i) Diagnosis: Businesses with a dominant market position face major economic restrictions on account of their market power. Allegations of market abuse must be identified and dealt with in a timely manner.

(ii) Remedy: Develop strategic lines of defense based on empirical evidence and economic justifications to counter presumptions of market power or abuse.

(iii) Current mandates (selection): Tobacco industry, publishing companies.


Evaluation of economic efficiency

(i) Diagnosis: Businesses with a dominant market position are required to justify their business decisions from an operational or a macro-economic perspective (such as, after allegations of discrimination against competitors).

(ii) Remedy: Evaluate internal business procedures and their macro-economic implications. On this basis, prepare possible justifications on economic grounds.

(iii) Current mandates (selection): Book retailers, media and advertising agencies, tobacco industry.

Regulatory matters

Economic assessment of the impact of regulatory changes

(i) Diagnosis: New legislation and amendments to existing legislation change the rules of the game in the marketplace. It is imperative that stakeholders comply with good governance principles, to anticipate such changes and respond accordingly.

(ii) Remedy: Prepare expert assessments which examine structural changes in the marketplace resulting from amendments to legislation and the regulatory framework.

(iii) Current mandates (selection): Automotive industry, beverage industry, media and advertising agencies.

Relevant market

Define your relevant market

(i) Diagnosis: Accurate market definitions are central to all economic and legal market evaluations. A definition which is too narrow or incorrect could jeopardize a planned merger, for example, or falsely indicate market dominance.

(ii) Remedy: Prepare and distribute the necessary data to ensure a market definition is both accurate and economically sound, both from a factual and geographical standpoint.

(iii) Current mandates (selection): Automotive industry, social media, watch industry.


Strategic business development

(i) Diagnosis: Identify development opportunities, minimize potential risks and avoid unfavorable regulatory constraints.

(ii) Remedy: Develop business models (pricing and distribution strategies) which comply with competition law, identify the optimal position in a dynamic market environment and develop forward-looking strategies with a long-term vision.

(iii) Current mandates (selection): Beverage industry, book retailers.