Public Affairs

AGON PARTNERS is an antitrust law firm with a full-service approach. In addition to legal advice and representation, we develop communication and media strategies as well as political campaigns.

Furthermore, AGON PARTNERS is involved in the academic sector (universities) and organises and supports conferences at home and abroad on competition law and policy.

AGON PARTNERS PUBLIC AFFAIRS AG develops, supports and implements procedural communication strategies and competition policy campaigns.

At AGON PARTNERS, we offer advice and support to businesses in economic matters. AGON PARTNERS prepares empirical economic reports, both for internal company use, or to support litigation before the competition regulators. AGON PARTNERS issues opinions on official competition policy hearings and amendments to legislation.

At AGON PARTNERS, we publish, conduct research and act as educators in the field of antitrust law and competition policy. In this way, AGON PARTNERS promotes the practical application and further development of antitrust law and we actively participate in shaping the future of Switzerland’s competition policy.

AGON PARTNERS supports and organizes conventions, seminars and networking events in the field of antitrust law and competition policy.