Legal Services

AGON PARTNERS is an antitrust law firm with a full-service approach. In addition to providing legal advice and representation, we develop communications and media strategies, as well as political campaigns.

Moreover, AGON PARTNERS is actively engaged in the academic arena (university level) and we organize and support conferences on competition law and politics, both nationally and internationally.

AGON PARTNERS supports, advises and represents companies (large corporations as well as SMEs), associations, industry organisations and private individuals in the entire spectrum of civil and administrative antitrust proceedings.

AGON PARTNERS carries out audits, implements compliance programmes that are safe for the authorities, creates practicable compliance guidelines and trains employees with practical know-how. In this way, competition violations with high fines are prevented or uncovered in good time.

AGON PARTNERS is a competent partner for business and science in the field of "near-competition" beyond pure antitrust law.